Lives are the number of turns you have to play; they’ll decrease if you fail a level. You can have up to 5 lives and one refills every 30 minutes 💌 During seasonal events you can have up to 8 lives with the Golden Ticket, however, it still takes 30 minutes to refill each life ⏳

Lives are displayed in the top left of the screen. You can use coins to refill them if you don’t want to wait.

You can even exchange lives with your team and friends! 👬

Exchange lives by tapping the lives icon, using your team chat, or the Inbox tab of your in-game tablet 📨 You can exchange lives with your friends once daily. The envelope to accept lives appears once you have less than five, or when others request lives 💌

⌛️ If your counter is missing lives or takes more than 30 minutes to refill, follow these steps:
1. Make sure the date and time settings on your device are correct
2. Restart your device and reopen the game
3. Reinstall the game — don't worry, your game progress won't be lost!

If you’re still having trouble, please contact our support team from the game settings.

Please note:
💌 If you receive a life when you already have a maximum lives or unlimited lives, it’ll be saved for later.
💌 Players who make deliberate time or date changes on their device may expreience technical issues and even lose access to their account.