Can you keep up with the pace? Try your hand at the Archaeology Race for a chance to show off your speedy skills! 🕵 Finish the race faster than others to earn boosters and unlimited lives 😉The winners will be lavishly gifted for the next stages! 💸

The event is divided into three stages:
💣 Archaeology Race I — 17 levels;
💣 Archaeology Race II — 21 levels;
💣 Archaeology Race III — 26 levels.

Beat these levels faster than your rivals and finish in the top three to move on to the next stage 🥇 Battle for first place to earn the intermediate reward 😍 As soon as you beat the stage, you’ll get the chance to compete in the next stage for another reward!

💫 Just keep playing from your last level — this event doesn't feature any special ones.

⏰ Tap the event icon on the left side of the screen to see your progress! Remember, the event ends once the timer runs out!

Please note:
🔍 The event is available to players over level 30.
🔍 You need a stable internet connection to participate.
🔍 Your device must meet system requirements.
🔍 Your device time and date settings must be correct—adjusting these settings may restrict your event participation 📲