We've collected some time-saving tips and tricks to help you avoid common technical issues while playing the game 😉 

Just follow these steps:
🌱 Only install Gardenscapes from official application stores and avoid unofficial sources e.g. emulators or jailbreak.
🌱 Check that your device meets system requirements.
🌱 Don't cheat and don't encourage others to do so - let's play fair 💚
🌱 If you're using mobile internet, try switching to Wi-Fi. We recommend using Wi-Fi or 4G/5G as they offer a better connection.
🌱 During levels, avoid leaving the game to take a call or switching to another app - your recent actions may not be saved. 
🌱 Before selling or giving your device to another person, make sure to fully disconnect the game from your social media accounts and transfer your game progress to another device. Our Customer Support can help you with this - just submit a report.
🌱 One garden per device - only keep one save on your device 📲
🌱 Make sure your device time and date settings are correct.

If you do experience a technical issue, please contact our Customer Support. We’re always happy to help! 🌸

Before contacting support, don't forget to first check our Known Issues article - we may already be working on a fix!

Happy gaming! 💚