An emulator is a third-party application that allows you to run a mobile version of the game on a PC. Please note that using emulators can slow down the game and cause other technical problems 😔

We cannot guarantee Gardenscapes will work correctly if you use an emulator. We are not responsible for the possible risks associated with launching the game or making purchases while using such software.

🪴 We recommend playing the game on your mobile phone or tablet to get the best playing experience and to avoid any technical issues 🤗

🌼 You can play Gardenscapes on your computer using the offical desktop apps available for Windows from the Microsoft Store and macOS from the Mac App Store
🌼 You can also play the game on your computer using your browser on Facebook.

🔸 Please be aware that access to Facebook programs and services can be restricted in certain countries or regions. In such cases, we comply with local laws and regulations. 
🔸 Unfortunately, it's not possible to transfer your progress on our Facebook platform to other platforms.