We're so sorry if the game is not working normally. If you're having problems, try these helpful solutions:
🌿 Check the Known Issues article. We might be already aware and working on the problem.
🌿 Restart your device and reinstall the game. Don't worry: if your device is connected to the internet, you won't lose your progress 🤗
🌿 Check for available game updates.
🌿 Make sure your device software is updated to the latest version 📲
🌿 Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements.

If this didn’t help, contact our customer support and attach a screenshot 📷 or a video of the issue.

Please include the following info so we can help you faster:
❔When does the issue occur(e.g. after launch, during a level)
❔What exactly is going wrong.
❔When did it first occur (after updating the game, etc.)?