Ever wondered what it means to be a great gardener? You're in luck — here are some handy pointers on how to become an exemplary player! 😉

👩‍🌾 Gardening Tips:
- Don't cheat and don't encourage others to do so - let's play fair.
- Respect your teammates and other players - everyone is equal!
- Don't spam or advertise in your team chat.
- Don't use offensive language - let's respect each other!
- Protect your personal information - be careful of scammers!
- Invite your friends and family to play! The more, the merrier 👬
- Lend a helping hand to newbies gardeners in your team! Teamwork makes the dreamwork 😉
- One garden per device - only keep one save on your device.
- Avoid accidental purchases by keeping your device password-protected if children or other people have access to it!
- Spot a bug in the game? Make sure to report it right away, so our team can get busy catching and removing it!
- Stay updated on our official communities to hear some exclusive news.
- Write your Player ID down somewhere safe to protect your game progress!

Last but not least, have fun playing the game 💚 Let's create a friendly environment in Gardenscapes together!

If you have any questions, just contact our Support team 👩‍💻