Keep on playing with unlimited lives! ❤️ Marked with an infinity sign ♾️, this special reward lets you play match-3 levels without losing lives for a certain period of time 😍

Here are some ways to get unlimited lives:
💛 As a reward for participating in different events and competitions.
💛 As a prize in the Lucky Spin Jackpot.
💛 As a random gift for opening Gardenscapes.
💛 As part of special offers and sales.
💛 As a reward for inviting friends to the game.

You can use unlimited lives on every level until the timer runs out.

Please note:
🌱 The unlimited lives timer starts immediately after you receive them, and it can’t be paused
🌱 Even if you don’t tap/click receive or close the game, the timer will keep running
🌱 Players who make deliberate time or date changes on their device may expreience technical issues and even lose access to their account.