Some levels are challenging, but none are impossible! Try changing your strategy if you're stuck, and never give up! 💪

Check out these helpful tips:
🌿 Before starting, check the level goals so you can match the pieces you need first 🍎
🌿 Examine the field and plan your first moves instead of making random matches
🌿Only use the suggested clues when you can't find another match - it's not always your best choice!
🌿 Make matches at the bottom of the field to increase your chances of getting an automatic match 🔥
🌿 Try making bigger matches so you can get more powerful power-ups
🌿 Explode several power-ups at once to charge the Rainbow Blast faster! 🌈
🌿 You can find some tips on our YouTube channel. Also, unofficial level walkthroughs from other players are available on YouTube