All hands on deck! The Boat Race is on! ⛵ Qualify for the race to complete it faster than other players and get boosters and other rewards! Winners advance to the next stage with more valuable prizes.

The event has three stages:

🌊 Boat Race — 15 levels;
🌊 Race of Captains — 20 levels;
🌊 Race of Champions — 25 levels.

Beat these levels as fast as you can to place in the top three and move to the next stage! Once you finish a race, you can join another one right away 🚤 Just keep playing from your last level — this event doesn't feature any special ones.

Tap the event icon on the left side of the screen to check your event progress! Remember, this time-limited event ends once the timer runs out!

🌊 The event is available to players over level 30.
🌊 You need a stable internet connection to participate.
🌊 Your device must meet system requirements.
🌊 Your device time and date settings must be correct - adjusting these settings may restrict your event participation.