Let’s give the house a makeover! During these events, you'll renovate one area in the house 🎨

You'll need a special currency - renovation tickets!
🎫 Earn tickets in levels by matching pieces with special labels. You have to beat the level!
🎫 Tickets appear in regular levels and ‘Golden Cup’ levels.

Make progress and unlock tasks by earning tickets - paint walls, buy furniture, and choose decor!

To complete tasks, simply press and drag icons to the highlighted point on the screen 🧹

Finish the area or earn the midpoint reward before the event ends to keep access to the area and redesign it whenever you like!

The Express Renovation offer increases the amount of renovation tickets you earn 😍

🏠 This event is open to players who have restored the Treehouse Area.
🏠 While events work offline, check that your internet is stable and your device is charged so you don’t lose progress!
🏠 Your iOS or Android device should have at least 1.5 GB of RAM for the event to be launched.
🏠 Your device time and date settings must be correct - changing these settings may restrict your event participation.