Let's go hunting for gold with Treasure Hound 🎁

During this event, you need to beat levels without losing! For each level you beat, you'll earn bonus-filled chests for the next level!

Beating more levels means getting better bonuses like extra boosters and additional moves 🧨
Reach the final chest to get top bonuses until the event ends, or you lose a level!

Before playing a level, check your progress using the event icon on the right side of the screen 🎉

This event is regular and time-limited. Each time it begins, your progress resets. In this event, regular levels and ‘Golden Cup’ levels count 🏆

🌱 This event is open to players Level 31 and higher.
🌱 Bonuses appear on the field after tutorials in tutorial levels.
🌱 While events work offline, check that your internet is stable and your device is charged, so you don’t lose progress!
🌱 Before leaving the app, finish your level to make sure your progress saves!
🌱 Your device must meet system requirements.
🌱 Your device time and date settings must be correct - changing these settings may restrict your event participation.