It’s event time! Apart from levels and tasks, our temporary ⏱ events make your garden experience even more exciting!

Themed events are usually holiday based (Christmas, Lunar New Year, Easter, Halloween, etc.), and are part of every major update! You can also find regular time-limited events in the game 🌈

Simply check the News tab or update descriptions to find out more about upcoming events 📰

Events may feature:
🌱 Unique match-3 levels!
🌱 Special level modes!
🌱 Amazing sets of rewards!
🌱 New decorations for the garden!
🌱 Discounts and special offers!

🌼 Press on the event icons to check your progress. Remember, events end once their timer runs out!

- Events are optional, and don’t affect the garden restoration.
- You need a stable internet connection to participate.
- Your device must meet system requirements.
- Your device time and date settings must be correct - adjusting these settings may restrict your event participation 📲