It’s time to collect as many apples as possible! Bumper Crop is a regular competitive event 🍎

It’s time-limited and has three stages:
1. Make matches with apples to score the number of points to get rewards and unlock the competition. Use Rainbow Blasts and power-ups for even more points!
2. Achieve group goals with other players by collecting apples together.
3. Score as many points as you can to top the leaderboard and win the incredible main prize 🎁

Just keep playing from your last level - this event doesn't feature any special levels.

🍎 Group goals are the number of apples you need to collect with other players as a group:
- Keep track using the progress bar above the leaderboard.
- You get a reward for every goal you meet! Check by pressing the reward icon on the progress bar.

🍎 This event is available to players level 22 and higher.
🍎 You need a stable internet connection to participate.
🍎 Your device must meet system requirements.
🍎 Your device time and date settings must be correct - adjusting these settings may restrict your event participation 📲