Explode as many power ups as you can to top the leaderboard! The Fireworks Festival is a regular competitive event 🧨

It’s time-limited and has two stages:
1. Create and explode power- ups to score the required amount of points to unlock the competition and get a reward! The bigger the power-up, the more points you’ll get! (1 for Firecrackers, 2 for Bombs, 3 for Dynamite, 4 for TNT) 💣
2. Score as many points as you can to top the leaderboard and win the incredible main prize 🎁

Just keep playing from your last level - this event doesn't feature any special levels.

Power-ups count:
- Power-ups you create or get from automatic matches at the end of levels count.
- If the event ends during a level, your points still count.
- If your connection drops during a level, your points are added when your connection is restored.

Power-ups don't count:
- If you don't beat the level or started it after the event ended.
- If they were preset or appear as a bonus for leftover moves at the end of a level.

🧨 This event is available to players level 22 and higher.
🧨 You need a stable internet connection to participate.
🧨 Your device must meet system requirements.
🧨 Your device time and date settings must be correct - adjusting these settings may restrict your event participation 📲