Compete to reach the top! 🥇 The Gardeners' League is a regular event where team members collect golden shields to place on the team leaderboard.

Earn gold shields by beating levels to win a spot in the top five! 🛡️ Each level beaten gives you one shield. Every shield earned by each member of the same team counts!

Find the rewards for the top five teams in the main event window 🎁 If your team is among the top five, each team member will get the same reward!

Just keep playing from your last level - this event doesn't feature any special levels. Both regular levels and ‘Golden Cup’ levels count 🏆

The three top contributing team members receive additional rewards when the event ends!

🛡️ The event is open to team members level 36 and higher.
🛡️ Your team must have five or more members to participate.
🛡️ If you leave or switch teams during the event, you won't get the reward.
🛡️ Make sure you have stable internet connection and your device meets system requirements.
🛡️ Cheaters may lose access to teams and team competitions.