Work together to win rewards! Team Chest is a regular event where team members collect golden shields to open a reward chest 🎉

Collect the set number of shields by beating levels before the event ends! Each goal is based on how well your team performed in the previous Team Chest event 🏅

Just keep playing from your last level - this event doesn't feature any special levels. Both regular levels and ‘Golden Cup’ levels count.

The three top contributing team members receive additional rewards when the event ends! 😍

🛡️ The event is open to team members level 36 and higher.
🛡️ If you leave or switch teams during the event, you won't get the reward.
🛡️ The Team Chest reward is different from the Gardener’s League.
🛡️ Make sure you have stable internet connection and your device meets system requirements.
🛡️ Cheaters may lose access to teams and team events.