So, your current team isn’t quite the right match? Here’s how you can switch teams 🤗 Remember, you can only be a member of one team at a time!

📭 Open teams
1. Tap/click Join on your chosen new team.
2. Confirm the team change to switch teams.

📪 Closed teams
1. First you’ll need to leave your current team by presing on About in the My Team tab and selecting Leave.
2. Press on Join on your chosen new team to send a request to the team leader 📩

🛡️ If you switch teams during a team event, you won’t receive any rewards for that event.
🛡️ You can only request to rejoin a team you were removed from after a 7-day waiting period if the team hasn't reached 30 members.
🛡️ If you change teams frequently, you'll have to wait a while before exchanging lives with your new team.
🛡️ Cheaters may lose access to teams.