Here’s all you need to know about finding your dream team! 😍

Creating a team
You can create a team if you're not a member of another team.
1. Open the team window and go to the Create team tab.
2. Enter a team name. Choose wisely, as you can’t change your team name!
3. Enter your team description and choose its badge and type 🛡️
4. Set a required level for entry. Players below this level won't be able to join your team, and it can't be higher than your own level!
5. Choose Create. Creating a team costs 2000 in-game coins.

Joining a team
Here’s all the ways you can join a team:
🌱 Tap/click any team in the Join Team tab.
🌱 Tap/click any team in the Top Teams tab.
🌱 Enter a name into the Search bar in the Join Team or Best Teams tab, and tap/click any team.
🌱 Ask your friend for their team's ID. To find it, tap/click the team's badge (e.g. HTW3TM). If you want to find a team using its ID, type it into the search bar.
🌱 Go to the Friends tab, tap/click a friend's name, and tap/click their team. If you want to join, hit the Join button. If it's a closed team, your request will be sent to the leader.

Leaving and rejoining
🌼 Team leaders can decline your request, remove you from their team, or you can leave the team yourself.
🌼 You can only request to rejoin a team you were removed from after a 7-day waiting period if the team hasn't reached 30 members.

🌱 Unfortunately, teams are not currently available on the Facebook platform.
🌱 Make sure you have stable internet connection and your device meets system requirements 📲
🌱 Cheaters may lose access to teams.