The Team Chest is a regular event for players who are members of teams. The event lasts for three days.

🔑 The goal of the event is to complete levels, collect keys, and open chests with rewards. All team members will receive rewards if the event goal is achieved.

🔑 A total of three chests can be opened, each offering varying rewards. The final chest holds the highest number of bonuses.

🔑 Keys can be earned for beating match-3 levels and the Golden Cup levels.

🔑 The top 3 players in the team get personal rewards at the end of the event, regardless of the team's success in unlocking the chests.

Please note:

  1. To participate in the event and get rewards, a player needs to join a team and complete at least one level of the event.

  2. The event is available for players who have reached level 36.

  3. If a player leaves their team or switches to a new one during the event, they won't be able to receive rewards when the event ends.

  4. An internet connection is required to view the ranking table.