Leagues are a unique part of competitive events that give you the chance to win even better rewards! 🎁

🥇There are seven leagues in total: 1. Wooden, 2. Bronze, 3. Silver, 4. Gold, 5. Platinum, 6. Emerald, 7. Ruby
🥇 The Wooden League is the lowest; it’s the starting point for every player! With each competition, you can climb to higher leagues ⛰️
🥇 The Ruby League is the highest; it gives you the very best rewards 🎉

Rewards are based on both your league and your leaderboard position - score at the top of your league to advance to the next and get more rewards!

🏅 Leaderboard positions that move you to a higher league are marked with its league icon.
🏅 If you finish at the bottom of a competition, you’ll be demoted to the next lowest league.