There's nothing like a cool glass of lemonade on a sunny garden day! 🍹

Make matches or explode power-ups to bring glasses of lemonade to the bottom of the field to one of the exit points (indicated by white arrows) 🍋 Try swapping them with neighboring pieces to make matches or activate power-ups!

Rainbow Blasts might appear on the field and block the tile where the glass of lemonade would usually leave, so make sure to activate any Rainbow Blasts before they block the exit 🌈 If it happens, just use a Shovel or Rake booster to activate the Rainbow Blast, or swap it with the glass of lemonade using a Gardening Glove booster 🧤

We've also introduced trays with lemonade to share with your friends - each tray has 1 to 4 glasses of lemonade!

To take glasses of lemonade off the trays and bring them to the bottom of the field, first make the lemonade by matching pieces next to trays or by exploding power-ups (you'll need to make 3 such actions).

After all that hard work, it's time to enjoy a refreshing drink! 😍