You're the lucky one! A new season has begun in the game - and you've been chosen to experience it! 🎁

What's this all about? 😉 This new season lasts a short period of time and gives you the opportunity to win wonderful prizes!

By earning seasonal points to unlock the next stage, you'll get coins, boosters, and even power-ups 🧨 as rewards 😍

If you purchase the Golden ticket, you'll get special access to premium rewards that last until the end of the season. Not only that, you'll be able to take advantage of these amazing perks:

🎟️ The maximum amount of lives is increased from five to eight during the season.
🎟️ An upgraded chargeable power-up in levels — instead of just a Rainbow Blast, you'll get a Rainbow Blast and two Firecrackers.
🎟️ A golden profile picture frame and your name in gold.

Please note:

🔸 This event is available to players who have passed level 35.
🔸 The Golden Ticket is only active for one short season. Once the season ends, the temporary bonuses will no longer be available.
🔸 You can't obtain decorations or pets during a short season.