Move your fish around and find the perfect setting for them 🌈

✔️ Fish can be moved between aquariums via the Store 💼
✔️ Select a fish to open the actions menu in the lower portion of the screen ⬆️
✔️ Select the Net icon 🕸️ & confirm if you want the fish moved. It will vanish from the aquarium, and be made visible in the Stored fish tab.
✔️ Go to the aquarium where you want the fish placed & open the Store 🚪
✔️ Stored fish are marked as Stored and have a small box shown underneath them 📦 Select the fish, and in the next tab, select the Place option.
✔️ Enjoy your fish in their new aquarium and setting 🏖️

You can create unique and beautiful aquariums using this feature 🦋