Our goal is to create a fair, fun and safe environment for all players 🏄 and we try our utmost to ensure that this goal is met 🥅

Hence we have no tolerance for cheating as it harms our beloved community that puts a lot of love and hard work into their aquariums 💚

To prevent cheating, we:
- don't allow players to use third-party software in the game 🚫
- keep a constant eye out for suspicious and fraudulent behavior 👁️‍🗨️
- perform regular fair play checks on our leaderboards for all of our events ✅

Players who break the rules by using third-party software and emulators lose access to Teams and in-game competitions and may even be barred from the game for good 🔐

Please note that third-party software that is used for the purpose of manipulating in-game progress is very often illegal and fraudulent in nature. It also puts your personal data at risk. Attempts to manipulate the in-game timer may also cause the game to crash along with a host of other in-game issues, causing lose access to competitions and events 🚧