Players who bypass the game system so as to receive unfair advantages are considered cheaters. This included players who use any third-party software to access and change their game 💰

To protect our players, we investigate all cheating activities and take measures against all accounts that violate fair play rules, including permanent bans 🙅‍♀️

The following actions are considered cheating:
- Levelling up the game using unfair methods 🐞
- Installing Fishdom from sources outside of official application stores, e.g. using emulators or jailbreak 📱
- Using third-party software to manipulate game progress.
- Manipulating your date & time settings ⏱
- Purchasing in-game resources from sources other than the in-game store 💵

Cheating often causes major technical issues such as missing events and rewards or even lost progress. Additionally, we reserve the right to withhold support from cheaters who play unfairly.

Play safely and fairly 🌊