Season Challenges is an event that consists of seasons. Seasons are released with certain time intervals between them.

Complete Permanent and Daily tasks to get rewards. The tasks can include beating levels, collecting pieces, power-ups or event currency.

Earn season points and rewards by completing tasks. The rewards get better as you progress in the event.

The rewards can be boosters, lives, and coins. You'll get even better prizes with the Gold Pass — vouchers, unlimited boosters, special decorations, and a unique pet.

It'll also let you unlock season safe to receive a number of random puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces will get added to a special progress bar and once you have collected 25 puzzle pieces from the safe, you obtain a unique themed decoration as a reward.


  • The event is open to all players at level 30 and above.
  • You can earn season points ONLY for completing special tasks.
  • The tasks completed in a level are counted regardless of whether or not you beat it.
  • You can claim a reward at any time once it's unlocked.

The Gold Pass

Buying the Gold Pass gives players the following advantages until the end of the event:

  • the player's nickname written in a special font;
  • special profile picture;
  • increase in the number of maximum available lives to 8;
  • upgraded chargeable power-ups in levels (special Lightning, special Energy Blast);
  • more rewards for completing tasks;
  • the Season Challenges grand prizes — unique pet which will transform over time. Please note that all players can only aquire one unique pet per Season Challenge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Gold Pass expires once the season is over.