You can now easily find a team that was created by your friends and play together 😀

  1. To do this you would need to get their Team Tag. This can be found in the "Team Info" section of their Team 🏷️
  2. Then, open the Teams menu and go to the "Find Team" section 🕵️‍♀️
  3. Here, enter the Team Tag into the search bar and you will find the exact team you are looking for. That team would need to have a free slot for you to be able to join 🗳️

🛡️ You can only be on 1 team at a time. If the team you want to switch to is an open team, you'll be prompted to confirm the team change after tapping/clicking Join
🛡️ If the team is closed, you need to leave your current team first. To leave a team, tap/click the Team Info button in the My Team tab and tap/click Leave
🛡️ If you change teams too often, you'll have to wait a while before you can request lives from your new team members ⌛
🛡️ If you switch teams during a team event, you won’t receive any rewards for that event 🔒
🛡️ You can only request to rejoin a team you were removed from after a 7-day waiting period if the team hasn't reached 30 members 📋
🛡️ Cheaters may lose access to teams 🛑

You can find a new team or other players to create your own team via our fan page on Facebook ( You can also find lots of useful information from other players and share your experiences with them 😊