Collect and use vouchers to create the most unique aquariums in the game 🎟️

Vouchers are a special form of in-game currency that allows you to purchase unique and distinctive fish and decorations that will allow your aquariums to stand out from the crowd. Vouchers are available from Level 19 onward.

Vouchers are available in 3 varieties, bronze, silver, and gold. They can be earned by:
💡 Overcoming levels on your first try
💡 Ranking high in competitions. Completing competitions in the top 10 causes you to receive vouchers in addition to other prizes. The higher your league, the bigger your reward!
💡 Participating in the Go for Gold event. Do well to receive the maximum possible vouchers
💡 Beating hard and very hard levels will get you one voucher for every level completed
💡 Keeping your aquarium spiffy and shiny by cleaning it regularly, this may also sometimes give you vouchers