Break the bank to collect 50 shiny diamonds ♦️

The Fishy Bank is an in-game offer that allows you to gain access to additional diamonds for excellent value. This offer is opened up to all players from Level 13 onwards. To take advantage of this offer, you need to overcome match-3 levels. Each level that is beaten adds additional diamonds to your bank 📥

The bank can be opened via a purchase from the in-game store as soon as you have 30 diamonds collected. You can also choose to continue beating match-3 levels and keep stocking up on diamonds. The maximum number of diamonds that can be saved in the bank is capped at 50 🏧

Please remember that Fishy Bank has no effect on the number of rewards you would normally receive 🎁— each victory will earn you just as many rewards as it always has. This offer simply gives our players an option to acquire more diamonds at a steal.

The bank can be refilled and re-opened multiple times before the offer comes to an end. And have no fear — if you didn't access the Fishy Bank this time, all the diamonds that were saved will still be in the bank when the offer is available next 💰