Select the Pier to open the regatta window. The interseasonal regatta window has the following tabs:
1. Tasks. Here, players can pick a task and start doing it.
2. Race. This tab shows how you're doing in the current regatta and gives other information about the competition.
- Select the chest icon to open the window with rewards. You earn special regatta points for all the tasks you complete. The more points you score, the sooner your yacht will reach the chests that serve as race checkpoints. The more chests you and your fellow co-op members collect, the bigger and better your participation rewards will be. Once the race is over, this is the window where you can claim your rewards.
- Select the ship wheel icon to see what leagues there are and learn about the one you are in.
3. Season. This tab shows the leaders of the previous seasonal regatta as well as a sneak peek of the upcoming season. You can choose the icon in the upper-left corner to see your co-op's statistics.

Please note that in the new interseasonal regatta there are no seasonal tasks, as well as no seasonal currency. Change of leagues in the interseasonal regatta takes place according to the standard rules.