The Colorful Puzzle is here, and you’re invited!

Pass lots of fun and unique levels and earn awesome rewards for doing so!

Your goals are to the left of the game board and show you exactly what you need to collect on each level. Simply swipe a tile up, down, or to the side and complete all of the objectives within the set amount of moves to win!

Match groups of at least three tiles together to clear them and see the rest fall into place! Some falling elements may even land beside some tiles of the same colour which can create an awesome chain reaction and clear the field in no time!

Offering a big helping hand to you in this game are the wonderful power-ups! Combine more than three tiles together and a power-up will pop onto the board for you to use:

These fireworks blast off vertically or horizontally depending on how they are facing when they appear. They blast through blocks and other elements as they go, making quick work of the board. You can collect these by matching four tiles in a row.

Matching four tiles together in a square will give you the Helicopter powerup. These take off and choose a random block on the board to destroy, they even knock some out beside them while they are launching. They tend to hit locked elements or level goals first.

Using this power-up is a blast! Wipe out a huge area of tiles in one go when you light the fuse. Connect 5 or 6 tiles in an L or T shape to bring on the bomb!

Rainbow Ball
Matching 5 pieces together will create a groovy disco ball of power. Activating it will destroy all blocks of a certain colour on the board!

As well as the power-ups, there are also Boosters that can be earned or bought using T-Cash. These are located on the right side of the game screen and all do unique and useful things:

This piece of construction equipment allows you to choose one piece on the board to clear without using up one of your moves.

Unleash the power of a fire hydrant to quickly wash away a row and a column instantly!

The glove allows you to swap two adjacent pieces with each other regardless of whether they will make a match or not.