Adventure! Who knows what you will discover when you take in this wonderful event?

Overcome major obstacles and deadly traps to complete your expedition and win treasures beyond your wildest dreams!

Use various tools to craft and repair items and objects on your travels so you can reach your goal in a flash.

Complete tasks and puzzles using energy as you play. You can earn energy by beating match-3 levels and keeping an eye out for it in the wild.

All your currently available tasks can be seen on the left part of your screen. The tasks can be completed in any order you like, giving you control of your own story!

You'll get a reward for every chapter you complete. Be sure to get to the end of the expedition to uncover all the secrets and win awesome prizes!

🏕️ This event is open to players Level 8 and above.
🏕️ At the end of the event, your leftover energy will be exchanged for coins.
🏕️ To launch this event, your device must have at least 1.5 GB of RAM. For iOS: available on iPhone 6S and above.