Perks are special rewards that you can receive for taking part in the seasonal event if you have a Golden Ticket. To receive a Golden Ticket, select “Buy” on top of the window or choose the “Golden Ticket” option in the game store.

The list of perks available in a particular season can be found in the Perks tab in the seasonal event window.

❗Perks are active only until the end of the seasonal event, so the earlier you get them the longer their effects last.

Here is the full list of perks available in the game:

Helping Hand gives you an opportunity to help friends for 1 T-cash even if you don’t have the required goods in your barn or they are unavailable at your level.

Double Luck increases the maximum number of clovers you can keep in the House of Luck from 50 to 100 and doubles the number of clovers you get for helping friends and co-op members.

Airbonus gives a bonus chest for filling all the crates in two airplane cargo holds.

Generous Market - the City Market and Dealer have 2 times more goods for sale.

Conveyor Belt lets you queue orders at the Helicopter pad.

Quantum Leap gives you a chance to activate 4 lab boosters simultaneously.

Two Minutes lets you complete any product or crop for free 2 minutes earlier.

Conveyor Belt Master gives you an ability to change the order of the production slots at any factory.

Rockets is an accumulative bonus which is charged by clearing the areas of ground in the Mine and is activated automatically. The Rockets clear three random tiles.

Material Help lets you request materials and tools from your teammates in the co-op chat.

Dear Dairy speeds up the production of dairy products at the Dairy Factory.

Flash Flight reduces the plane return time.

Farm Bonus speeds up the production of all goods at all factories.

Rich Fields reduces the growth time of all crops.

Speedy Construction reduces the construction time of any building and the expansion time in your town and zoo.

Express Train lets you cut the time your trains take to arrive.

Spacious Railcars increases the number of construction materials in some railcars.

Generous Customer lets you gain more coins from customers’ orders.

Spacious Barn increases the barn capacity.