Special buildings are a group of buildings that don't increase your town's population, but they let you produce unique resources or meet certain needs in your town. There are several special buildings in Township:

House of Luck
Here you can test your luck and try to win unique prizes.

City Market
This is where you can buy goods you are missing or hire a dealer who can help you find the best offers.

Here you can activate lab boosters to temporarily improve various aspects of your town.

This is where you can smelt ingots using ore.

Academy of Industry
This is where you can use ingots to improve factories, train lines, and islands.

Central Museum
This building is where all the unique artifact collections that you find in the mine and on the islands are stored. You get Township Cash for every full collection you assemble.

Tool Exchange
Here you can exchange construction materials for tools that you need to finish constructing community buildings later in the game.

Make sure to use special buildings on your way to becoming the best mayor! ✨