You can activate a variety of boosters at the lab using gems, giving your town temporary upgrades. Here are the boosters available at the moment:

Super-harvest: fields yield twice as much.

Advanced farming: animals produce twice as much.

Generous customer: orders earn twice as many coins.

Favorable voyage: ingots are twice as efficient when sending off ships.

See the light: makes ore and artifacts from the darkened areas in the mine visible.

Vibrant market: the items at the market are updated twice as often.

High-speed production: goods at your factories take 30% less time to produce.

Efficient smelting: ingots take 50% less time to produce.

Active cooperation: new requests can be made in 30% less time.

There are also 8 boosters which you can obtain for free during events or purchase with tokens at the Yacht Club. These boosters are not purchasable with gems.

Rich fields: crops are ready 40% faster.

Profitable flight: filling plane crates earns twice as many coins.

Record demand: new orders at the helicopter pad appear 80% faster.

Shortcut: trains arrive twice as fast.

Smart navigation: ships arrive twice as fast.

Busy trade: dealer's break time cut in half.

Spacious barn: increases barn capacity by 20%.

Large request: requests in the co-op chat bring 30% more goods.

Extra Pair of Hands: two products are produced at a factory simultaneously.