At Playrix, we constantly work to deliver a safe and enjoyable leisure time to our wonderful players 💚 To ensure that our games only spread happiness and don't interfere with your daily life, we strongly advise playing consciously and monitoring your gaming time 🤗 Here are some handy tips on practising mindful gaming:

🌿 Track and limit time spent on apps ⏱

Many mobile devices have a function to track and limit the time spent on various apps, including mobile games. To learn more about these features, we recommend reading the following articles:

🌿 Manage in-app purchases 💳

Our game is free to download, although you can purchase certain in-game items for real money. To learn how to limit or disable in-game purchases in the game, we recommend reviewing these articles:

🌿 Disable game notifications 🔕

Notifications from the game can always be disabled in your device settings:

🌿 Parental Control 👨‍👩‍👧

If you have children that play our game, you may want to learn how to monitor your child's gaming. You can find out more information in our Parental Guide section and the Parent's Guide on our official website.

Last but not least, if you think that gaming is interfering with your personal life, work or studies, we highly recommend taking a break and seeking help from a trusted professional 💚 Remember, it's always important to appreciate the other joys in life, such as contact with loved ones, regular physical activity, healthy sleep, and exciting hobbies - among many others! 😊