Hammer time is an event in which you take the role of an interior designer. Earn tickets and use them to turn your old office into a modern and comfortable room!

There are two parts to the event. In the first part, you will need to earn tickets to decorate the room. Take part in the mini-games, complete levels and earn tickets!
In the second part, you will decorate the room using earned tickets and receive valuable rewards for this! To change the room, tap on the item that you want to repair or decorate, then select the option you like in the selection window and confirm your action. If there are not enough tickets, return to the first stage until you have the right amount.

The event has intermediate and final goals, and you will receive rewards for achieving them.

If you manage to complete the room before the end of the event, then it will remain with you forever, and you can view it in the Town Hall at any time.

Detailed information can also be found by tapping on “?” sign in the top right corner of the event window. Good luck! :)