Childhood is back again! Join us in clearing cubes and completing levels!

Reach goals by clearing the field. Event goals change from level to level. Be careful and pay attention to them before you start playing. Goals are displayed before the start of each level in a separate window or in the game itself on the left side of the screen.
To destroy the cubes, you must click on those which have at least one more of the same color next to them.
Colored cubes can be destroyed individually or in a pack, thereby accelerating the achievement of the main goal. Various materials and objects (earth, sand, bubbles, boxes, watches, etc.) complicate the process of removing colored cubes and reaching the goal.

Have you tried using power-ups and boosters?

Power-ups and boosters are some of the most important parts of the game.

Power-ups (rocket, bomb, bucket of candy) help to destroy cubes faster. You can mark the power-up you need before the start of the level. It will appear on the board in a random place, allowing you to progress faster towards the level’s goal. Power-ups can also be earned while playing a level by clearing a certain number of cubes in one move.

Rocket - clears all cells vertically or horizontally, depending on its direction. To get a Rocket, you need to make a combination of 5-6 cubes.

Bomb - destroys cubes in a 3x3 square around the cell with the power-up itself. To get the Bomb, you need to make a combination of 7-8 cubes

Bucket of candy - clears all elements of the same color as the candy from the board. You can get a bucket of candy by removing 9+ cubes from the board in one move

Boosters are special elements that allow you to carry out targeted, highly effective moves and win difficult levels. Boosters become available as you progress through the levels.
Boosters can only be activated while playing the game. They can also drop as event rewards or from golden balloons. If you do not have boosters, then you can buy them for T-cash by tapping them in the game window.

Dart - removes one cube from the board

Broom - removes all cubes horizontally

Kettlebell - removes all cubes vertically