Try your luck with the Pirate Treasure Event! This game is based on random selection. Take your pick from four cards and find the rewards. There is a black mark on one of the cards. If you pick it, you lose all your rewards! Don't worry - you can use T-cash 💸 to save them and keep playing!

You can stop playing and collect your rewards whenever you want! However, the longer you stay in the game, the more valuable the prizes you can get. Complete all the stages to get the bonus super prize! 🎁

💰 This event is not available in some countries due to their legal restrictions.
💰 Make sure your internet connection is stable and your device is charged so you don't lose your progress! 🔋
💰 Your device must meet system requirements.
💰 Your device time and date settings must be correct - adjusting these settings may restrict your event participation 📲

⚡ You can see the probability of receiving rewards here. Pick a card and test your luck! 🍀