Legends of Greece
🗺️ A new expedition event! Travel to Greece to look for a legendary artifact.
🗺️ Together with Rachel and Richard, find the mysterious Pandora's box and stop a fanatic from destroying the world.

New Merge Events
🎪 A retro-themed merge event! Merge thematic items to win great rewards and help your townspeople organize an unforgettable retro party!
🎪 An exciting new merge event! Help Sarnai get ready for an arts and crafts fair while making fun memories in the process.

Season Adventures
✨ Celebrate Lunar New Year with us! Decorate your towns for the Lantern Festival with new thematic skins for in-game objects.
✨ A new Irish-themed adventure! Spruce up your towns with bright thematic skins and dress your chickens as leprechauns to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

💫 Build the new Travel Agency to plan the perfect vacation!
💫 Unlock 9 temporary decorations with a Lunar New Year flair!
💫 Discover 9 Valentine's Day decorations available until the next update.
💫 Enjoy 2 new town expansions.