CARNIVAL OF VENICE * Perform regular in-game actions and complete tasks in the new season adventure! * Unlock new thematic decorations and skins for in-game objects, including a gondola and the Doge's pier!

STONE AGE * Give your town a Stone Age-inspired makeover! * Turn your train into a primeval express and your station into an ancient settlement! * Unlock the stone safe at the end of the event to get a dino park!

APPLEY EVER AFTER * Transform an old diner into a cozy café with unique apple-based cuisine. * Beat match-2 levels to win renovation tickets and design your dream interior. * Win rewards at each stage of your renovations and a grand prize when you're finished!

EVENTS AND COMPETITIONS * Enjoy new elements and levels in the explosive puzzle. * Catch a wave in the Ancient Legends regatta season.

ALSO * Cloud Nine bonus for explosive puzzle fans.