🏞️ Help Stanley organize a yard sale to set up a beautiful park in the new event!
🏞️ Introducing a new merge game mode! Merge items on the field and complete tasks to assemble a photo album with pictures from your town.

👣 Yetis aren't real...or are they? Help Richard and his reporter friend Ellen unlock the mystery of this legendary creature in the new expedition!
👣 An adorable pet will help you clear obstacles in Yeti Valley as you work your way towards the new upgradable decoration at the end of the event!

🌟 Get your athletic mojo back in the new season adventure! You're in for some cool rewards, like the Helicycle and Fitness Pad skins and the Cheerleader Chicken outfit.
🌟 It's Easter time! Spruce up your town with thematic decorations and make sure to win all the best rewards!

🏕️ You'd better start learning some new campfire songs, because there's finally a Scout Camp in town!
🐰 Check out 10 temporary Easter decorations before they vanish from the store!
🏘️ Enjoy 2 new town expansions.