Two adventures with Richard!
🔮 Magic is in the air! Help Richard find Ellen in a magical wonderland. Complete tasks and get the characters through all the perils to win an impressive reward!
🔮 Join Richard and a smart speaker for a top secret investigation! Your mission is to find and apprehend a trespasser at a secret scientific base. Solve the mystery of the base to win a great reward at the end of the event!

Season Adventures
🏛️ Travel to an ancient world! Spruce up your town with bright thematic skins and dress your chickens in chitons to feel like you're in ancient Greece!
🏛️ Buckle up for Spy Games! The Stealth Aircraft skin and Secret Agent cow outfit will help you set the stage.

✨ Plant the new Lavender crop!
✨ Build a Bridal Shop for all the brides in your town!
✨ Enjoy a new town expansion.