Open the Season Adventure event by tapping the icon with the ticket in the bottom left corner of the screen next to the Friends button.

There are two types of tasks:
- Three tasks that are connected to the ongoing event (Bubble gum festival, Hammer Time, Need for seeds). Once you complete one of the tasks, you’ll get a new one.
- Active tasks in the town and zoo are refreshed every day.

The amount of points earned for completing the task is displayed on the task icon.

You can claim your rewards in the Rewards tab. Complete tasks to collect event points that will boost you along the rewards bar.

Rewards are divided into two groups. The rewards that are on the bottom row are free. The rewards on the top row are only available once you buy the Golden Ticket. You can buy the Golden Ticket at any time during the event. Once you buy it, you can collect any reward from the top row as long as you've advanced far enough along the rewards bar to claim it. Don't forget to tap Collect to claim your reward!

Players with a Golden Ticket have access to a safe after completing all stages of the event. You can open it as many times as you like, by continuing to complete tasks and getting points. You receive the thematic decoration the first time you open it, all the next openings allow you to get various game resources.

Perks are a special type of reward. You can only get them if you have the Golden Ticket and can only use them while the event is on. Make sure to collect them as soon as possible to enjoy them longer!