We're so sorry that the game is not working as you expected 😔 If you're having problems, try some of these steps:
1. Check the Known Issues article. It's quite possible that we've already spotted the problem and doing our best to fix it 😀
2. Restart your device 🔄
3. Delete the game and reinstall it. Don't worry: if your device is connected to the internet, you won't lose your progress!
4. Check for available game updates in the store you downloaded the game from.
5. Check for available software updates for your device 📳
6. Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements for proper gaming.

If none of the steps mentioned above help, contact our customer support and describe the issue in detail:
1. What exactly is going wrong 🤔
2. What you're doing, what leads to the problem.
3. If you receive any error messages 📨
4. When the problem occurred for the first time (after updating, after updating the software, when reinstalling, or at some other point).
5. Attach a screenshot or a video of the problem 📷

If an issue affects a large number of players our agents may not be able to send you a personal response. However, we will still let you know we are working on fixing the problem 👨‍💻