Something not quite working right? We’re here to help! Find support for our known issues here!
Our team is doing their best to promptly fix technical issues so you can get back to building your town! Here you can find solutions for some of the common cases that our players have from time to time.

📌The invitation code is not working.
Perhaps you and your friend play on different platforms.
Please note that for technical reasons the Windows and Android/iOS/Mac versions of the game are located on different servers. It is therefore not possible for players on iOS, Android and MacOS to interact with players on Windows or sync your progress between them.

📌Problems with the keyboard.
The keyboard does not appear when searching the co-op or chatting.
Solution: Go to device settings and make sure you are using a default keyboard. Then restart your device and reinstall the game.

📌 Few helicopter orders on the map?
There seem to be fewer orders at the helipad than usual.
Solution: The number of orders should increase if you move community buildings closer to the helicopter pad.

📌 Barn capacity decreased! What to do?
This can happen immediately after the end of the Golden Pass/Golden Ticket, because the “barn capacity increase” bonus is temporary.
How to check it: Make a screenshot of your barn capacity, then sell one product and make another screenshot. The actual number (left one) will decrease.

📌 Can't find your land expansion coupon?
Сlick on the land with the $ sign to find the expansion coupon. Available coupons will be displayed in the required expansion conditions on the left.

📌 Dealer coupon greyed out?
Most likely, you have already hired the dealer. As soon as the service expires, the coupons will be available again.

📌 The problem with the products on farms.
Some animals on the farm immediately produce the product even after it is harvested.
Solution: Restart your device and reinstall the game. Then try to feed all the animals and harvest all products when ready.

📌 The co-op leader is inactive.
The leader or members of your co-op are absent from the game for a long time.
Solution: Only the leader can transfer leadership to another player. Try to contact them and ask them to return to the game using messengers or social networks, or create your own co-op!
Please note that when the leader leaves the co-op, his status is automatically passed to the member of the highest rank (co-leader, officer, member) and level (among the players of the same rank)".

📌 Regatta: other teams have more members?
Despite the fact that you can see all the participants of other co-ops, only those who at the start of the regatta have the Participate in Regatta status on at the global start time for the regatta. Please note that players can leave the co-op or change status even after the start of the regatta, which also affects the total number of race participants.

📌 Regatta: dumping tasks.
Do dumped tasks affect the co-op score?
Yes, but only in the Gold League. The co-op receives a penalty for dumped tasks - the penalty is based on the number of tasks dumped by your co-op during the regatta divided by the number of participating members. Dumping tasks can affect your co-op score in the Global top, though the penalty only applies to tasks you dump from the task board without picking them, and only in the Golden League.

Important note! Just remember that you can't get dumped tasks back. You lose both the task and the points you've earned when you dump a task you're currently working on.

📌 Didn't receive an event reward?
You did not receive a reward after the end of the event.
Solution: Restart your device and reinstall the game. The reward will be credited automatically the next time you enter the game.

Can’t find your issue, or need more help? Contact our Support team!👩‍💻