We don't tolerate cheaters in Township, which is why we thoroughly check every report you send us. How can I contact support?

Please provide the following information when reporting suspicious behavior:
1. The player's town name and level as well as the name of their co-op as needed (attach a screenshot if possible).
2. An explanation of why you think the player is cheating.
3. A screenshot to prove your point.

The following may be signs of a cheater, so, if possible, mention them in your report:
- Statistics at the town hall don't correspond to the town level.
- The town looks different from other towns at the same level (e.g., all territory expansions are unlocked for a low level town).
- The town has a lot of identical decorations that can only be bought using T-cash.
- The town looks abandoned, though the player is still very active.

These signs aren't conclusive proof that someone is a cheater, however. Be wise and use your own gaming experience to draw good conclusions.