Players are considered cheaters when they use unfair methods to gain an advantage in the game, thus violating Playrix's Terms of Use and Safe and Fair Play principles.

We detect all cheating and impose penalties.

  1. We block the towns of players who:
  2. Install the game app from sources other than the official application stores.
  3. Use third-party software that affects game process, including by obtaining in-game cash or resources in a manner that violates the in-game rules.
  4. Purchase in-game resources (including Township Cash) from sources other than the in-game store.

  5. We also reserve the right to reset progress achieved unfairly, including by:

  6. Exploiting in-game bugs, progressing faster by violating in-game rules, altering the gameplay, etc.
  7. Using accounts for commercial purposes (advertising, spamming, selling in-game currency or resources, etc.).
  8. Disclosing passwords or any other information that can grant account access to third parties for the sake of profit.

Play Township fairly!