Race of Champions is a time-limited competition for Co-ops.

To win the race, your Co-op needs to score the most points for completed tasks. You complete tasks by performing regular in-game activities, like earning coins, collecting crops, exploring the mine, etc. There is no limit on the number of completed tasks in the race. You don’t need to reserve tasks, all the members of your Co-op can participate and help complete them. As soon as one of the tasks is completed, the next will appear. At the end of the race, members of the Co-ops that won top places will receive rewards.

During the race, players can receive additional prizes by completing tasks with gifts.

- The race is open to all players in Co-ops at level 19 and above.
- If you leave your Co-op during the race, you won’t be able to get the rewards.
- You can't participate in the event if you join a co-op after the race has already begun.