Each season you can find special tasks that give more tokens for purchases at the Yacht Club than usual.

Seasonal tasks are marked with a flag on the task list. These special tasks aren't available during interseasonal regattas, and you get more tokens for completing them. Here's a list of all available seasonal tasks (although only three are featured in one given regatta at a time):
- Mystery tasks. You don't know what the task is until you pick it. The reward for this type of task is 135 points and 25 tokens.
- Combo tasks. Every combo task consists of three mini-tasks you have to complete. The reward for this type of task is either 114 or 135 points.
- Simplified tasks. They are marked with a star in the task list. Each simplified task contains one of three tasks: producing goods at the factories, harvesting crops, or collecting goods from animal farms. You get the maximum of 135 points as well as 17 tokens for completing this type of task.
- Relay tasks. Co-op members take turns completing relay tasks. The first three times a relay task is completed, the number of points the co-op gets for this type of task increases, so it's important to work as a team to get the most out of them. Check out the How do relay tasks work? article for more details.
- Earn coins. Earn the number of coins indicated. You can do that in your town or at your Zoo. The coins you buy in the store do not count toward completing this task.
- Smelt ingots. Only ingots, of any type, smelted in your foundry count toward completing this task.
- Send ships. Send off ships to the indicated island.
- Mine clay. Mine the amount of clay indicated.
- Load plane crates. Load plane crates at your airport or the airport of one of your friends. Coupons for filling railcars and plane crates can be used to complete this type of task.
- Load train cars. Load train cars in your town or one of your friends' towns. Coupons for filling train cars and plane crates can be used to complete this type of task.
- Use mining tools. Use the indicated tool in the mine a certain number of times.

All seasonal tasks take into account a player's level and the availability of the buildings needed to complete the tasks. You can tap the question mark in the Season tab to read the descriptions of the current season's tasks.